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Winter Driving – Top Tips
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3rd August 2020
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20th January 2021
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Winter Driving – Top Tips


Although the weather might seem relatively mild for us at the moment, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security! Snowy weather could be just around the corner, and icy mornings or evenings are still very much part of the season.

Read up on our Top Tips for driving in snow and ice to keep yourself safe this winter.

  • Remember that your stopping distances are 10 times longer in snowy and icy weather – make sure to give other road users plenty of space.
  • Try to pull away in second gear when it’s suitable to do so, and ease your foot gently off the clutch to avoid the chance of wheel-spin.
  • Avoid stopping as much as possible when driving uphill. Try to wait until the road is clear ahead of you and there’s plenty of space between you and cars in front. Choose the most suitable gear, and maintain a constant, steady speed.
  • When driving downhill, make sure to reduce your speed on approach, and always use a low gear to avoid breaking.
  • If you’re unlucky enough to get stuck, make sure you straighten up the steering and try to clear the wheels as much as possible. If you can, put a sack or an old rug in front of the wheels to give the tyres better grip.
  • If you do skid in icy weather, try to correct it by steering gently into it. For example, if the rear of your car is sliding to the left, steer gently to the left. Although it’s instinctive to brake hard, try not to do this; it will likely make the situation worse.


As always, stay safe when driving, especially in icy and snowy weather! Have your tyre depth and pressure checked regularly here at A1 Tyres & Autocentres – we offer a free tyre check, and we’ll also check and adjust your tyre pressures free of charge. We can also give you the best advice on which tyres are most suitable for vehicle in any conditions.

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