If you get your car serviced here at A1, you don’t just have the 1 option. You have 3 to choose from:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Our Bronze car service includes a 20 point check of your car or van and starts from just £45.

The Silver service is a little more thorough and our team will undertake a 35 point check of vehicle and prices start from £145

The premium car service is our Gold service which includes an in depth, 50 point check of your motor vehicle and this service starts at £205

We will always give you a quality service for your vehicle, so if you want to book one in for your car or van, contact us today and we can arrange for your car to be serviced in no time!




Just a quick THANK YOU. Took my car to a different garage for work yesterday as cash was low, heard some bad noises on the way home after being told it was my brakes, turn out they’d forgotten to tighten wheel nuts! 50 miles down the motorway in the morning with my 3 kids in the car would certainly have ended in tragedy so just want to thank you out-of-hours guy who gave me advice whilst making nothing from me. Good old fashioned customer service and will be using you soon!
J Murrell