This year, Hull is set to see a white December with snowfall and ice hitting is early December. You may think nothing of this but driving in snow and icy conditions is a whole other story. Read our top tips for driving snow and ice to keep yourselves aware and safe.

  • Make sure to remember that your stopping distances are 10 times longer in snow and ice
  • If suitable, aim to pull away in second gear making sure you ease your foot off of the clutch gently in order to defeat wheel-spin.
  • When driving up hill avoid having to stop on the way. Instead, wait until it’s fully clear of cars and leaving plenty of room in front. Choose the most suitable gear and keep at a constant speed.
  • When driving down hill make sure to reduce your speed before approaching the hill and always use a low gear as well as avoiding the use of the brakes.
  • If you find yourself stuck make sure to straighten the steering and try to clear the wheels. If you can, put a sack or old rug in front of your wheels which can give your tyres extra grip.

Always try and stay safe when driving in snow and icy conditions.