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Alloy Wheel Repairs

With years of experience we at A1 Tyres in Hull can help by wheel straightening and wheel welding and more.

However they’ve been damaged, we can help you.

At the fraction of the cost you can have your cars alloy wheel straightened here at A1’s tyre service centre in Hull.

If you have a lease car this is a great option for the unfortunate damage to the wheels due to curbing or hitting a pot hole in the road.

Alloy Wheel Repair Hull


Once we’ve fixed your damaged alloy wheel and straightened them out we would recommend we fit a product called “AlloyGator”

The product is fitted to the rim of your wheels and are available in colours Silver that makes rims/wheels look larger.
Black & Gun-Metal that hides or is masked by the tyre colour. And then in vibrant Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange and White, to add styling to your cars alloys.

Alloy Gator alloy trims hullWe are the regions AlloyGator Approved Fitters that are Local To You.  Have them professionally fitted by A1 Tyre Services and prevent future alloy wheel damage.

We find this product popular with the driving instructors to prevent curb damage.


Just a quick THANK YOU. Took my car to a different garage for work yesterday as cash was low, heard some bad noises on the way home after being told it was my brakes, turn out they’d forgotten to tighten wheel nuts! 50 miles down the motorway in the morning with my 3 kids in the car would certainly have ended in tragedy so just want to thank you out-of-hours guy who gave me advice whilst making nothing from me. Good old fashioned customer service and will be using you soon!
J Murrell